Certus Trading with Matt Choi Review

What is Certus Trading?

Certus Trading is a trading education company that offers different training programs to help you master trading. The training will teach you how to trade almost anything that you want like ETFs, stocks, financial futures, forex and more. The focus here is on real-time analysis and using strategies that work.

This company has been around since the year 2011. The website began a few years later in the year 2014. So, it has been around for 5 years at the time of writing this review.

Who is behind Certus Trading?

Matt Choi is the founder of the company and the website. After Matt saw good results from his personal trading, he thought about helping other people in becoming better traders. He had help from his mentor George, who helped him in becoming a better trader. Now, Matt has over 17 years of experience in trading, and he claims to win most of his trades.

The strange part is that Matt hasn’t worked in a professional trading firm, but he has learned about trading by risking his own money. Matt is experienced and as good as any other solid trading mentor out there.


  • Diversity: You can choose from a wide variety of courses based on what you prefer to trade. The courses are also available for experienced people, so they don’t feel left out.
  • Simplicity: Matt uses examples and teaches in a simple manner. This approach will certainly be beneficial for the newbies.
  • Great Reviews: The reviews about Matt’s training on Trustpilot are great. People seem to like the Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint a lot.
  • Good Support: Matt provides proper support when you are stuck. This has been proved by the reviews as well.


  • Price: The price of most of the training programs is high, so you need to be able to pay a premium for premium training.
  • Availability: Some training programs aren’t available at the time of writing this review.

What do you get inside Certus Trading?

There are 11 training programs offered on the website. Let us take a look at some of them.

Profit Scheduler Club for Options: Matt spent 4 years going over historical data to find seasonal patterns and it paid off. He realized that the guys on Wall Street follow a set schedule of buys and sells on the same date every year. He just follows their schedule but trades options instead of stocks to increase his profit.

With the Profit Scheduler Club for Options, you can get access to top 2 picks each week based on the schedule of the guys on Wall Street. In simple words, you just need to place the trades and follow Matt’s advice to have a good chance of making a profit. You will also get monthly access to Matt via live coaching calls.

Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint: This is an advanced course for those people who are familiar with options. The program is made for aggressive traders. In the 8-weeks course, you will be taught a new strategy every week. The strategies will help you in making high probability trades regardless of the market condition. The best part is that you can attend Matt’s free seminar to see if this program is for you.

Mastering Commodity Spreads: This is a 6-weeks course, where you will be taught about trading commodity spreads. Matt will teach you about identifying the best spread opportunities, his top strategies and when to apply them.

Profit Blueprint for Forex Trading: This course is a blueprint of how to swing trade in the forex market. The training is supported by case studies and examples to help you learn in a practical and easy way. The training covers topics such as advanced technical analysis for forex trading, entry and exit strategies to get high reward-to-risk ratio, proper risk management, top 10 forex trading strategies and more.

As you can see, training is quite detailed, and there are different courses for different people. If you are experienced, then you can go for the advanced courses while the beginners can go for the beginner-friendly ones.

How much does Certus Trading cost?

Here are the different training programs and their prices.

  • Profit Scheduler Club for Options: $2,997/year
  • Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint (AOSB): $3,997
  • Options Alert: $497/month only for AOSB students
  • Live 2-Day Mastermind: Not available
  • Trading Big Moves With Options: $497
  • Mastering Commodity Spreads: Not available
  • Advanced Strategies for Commodities and Financial Futures: Not available
  • Mastering Technical Analysis: Not available
  • Profit Blueprint for Forex Trading: Not available
  • ETF Trading System: Not available
  • One-Year Transformative Mentorship Program: Not available

All of the training programs that are not available will be available at some point in the future, and you can find out the price then.

Who should buy Certus Trading training?

People who are willing to pay a good amount of money to learn strategies that will take their trading to the next level. Without a doubt, the training is pretty good, but it comes at a price. I don’t think that it would be easy to apply the training, so you need to be willing to devote an hour or two per day to get the best results.

Who shouldn’t buy Certus Trading training?

People who can’t afford the training can obviously avoid it. You are not going to be making money without any effort or discipline, so people who are looking for that should avoid Matt’s training.

Final Thoughts

Certus Trading is not a scam or a rip-off. It offers training that can simplify everything for those who are getting started. I like the fact that people with experience can also find some worthwhile training on their website. I definitely recommend this one. Maybe you can first try Matt’s free book and see if you like it before buying his training.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Certus Trading review. Good luck.