What is the

Dark Pool Secrets?

Dark Pool
Secrets is a book and a DVD that teaches you about Dark Pools and how to use
them for trading profitably. Dark Pools are private stock exchanges, where any
trade that takes place is reported after 24 hours. They are used by big
companies to secretly buy and sell stocks without facing any price issues. The
premise of this book is to help you pick the right trades and make money.

Kammerman is the author of this book. She is not a stranger to trading or
teaching people about how to trade as she has been doing both of them for
years. Her trading company by the name of The Stock Whisperer is doing well and
providing people with quality services, tools, and courses.


  • Reliable
    Author: Stefanie has managed to impress a lot of people with The Stock
    Whisperer, and it looks like she is going to do that again with the Dark Pool
  • Free:
    The book and the DVD are being offered for free till supplies last.
  • New
    Aspect of Trading: This book focuses on something new and that can help you
    exploit it before other people jump on the bandwagon.


  • I
    can’t think of a single con, to be honest.

What do you
get inside the Dark Pool Secrets?

I am not
going to put the detailed story here as you can read it on the website. The
important part is that Stefanie figured out a way to track Dark Pool trading
activity from the comfort of her home. As she can see the huge trades before
they are noticed by other people, she can place profitable trades more than 90%
of the time.

So, what she
is offering is simple. She is offering to show you how to use the Dark Pools to
see when the stock prices are about to change and take advantage. Let us say
that you know that a particular company is going to buy a million shares of a
stock; then you can buy shares of the same stock and profit when the price
increases in the stock market.

She is not
just offering you the secrets to the Dark Pools, but she is also offering you a
DVD that will show you how she made her profits through the Dark Pools. The DVD
adds immense value and makes it easy to understand what she is trying to teach.

Don’t worry
about buying any software because she will show you how to get access to Dark
Pool trading activity for free.

Her method
can be applied to whatever you want to trade like forex, futures, stock or
cryptocurrency. Some people may be expecting that the content in the book will be
hard to understand, but that is not the case. She has written the book in a
newbie-friendly manner, so you can learn from it even if you have no clue about

Let us not
forget the fact that Stefanie knows how to teach people. As an experienced
teacher, she will surely make it easy to understand whatever she is teaching.

Maybe, it is
not fair to assume that you will achieve a success rate of more than 90%
because Stefanie is more experienced than the majority of traders. Even if you
are not able to achieve a success rate of more than 90%, you can still make
some serious money.

How much
does the Dark Pool Secrets cost?

As I
mentioned before, it is free at the time of writing this review. The same book
is being offered at $75 on Amazon, so the price could be $75 when the free
offer expires. You need to pay for shipping even though the book and the DVD are

provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to get the shipping
cost back if you don’t like what she is offering. You can still keep the book
and the DVD after getting your shipping cost back.

What do the
customers think about the Dark Pool Secrets?

there aren’t a lot of reviews about the book. The good news is that most of the
reviews were positive among the few reviews that I found. I think that this
book will get more positive reviews with time just like The Stock Whisperer.

Who should get the Dark Pool Secrets?

Anyone who
wants to trade and profit by using a new method should get the book. You have
to be willing to risk your money even if it is a small amount. As long as you
are willing to devote the time and risk your money, you should get this book.

Who should
avoid the Dark Pool Secrets?

People who
don’t think that the Dark Pools present a good opportunity to earn money should
avoid this book. People who aren’t comfortable with risking their money should
also avoid this book. Even with the best methods, there is always some risk of
losing your money.


Dark Pool
Secrets offers a unique method that you can benefit from. Stefanie is not your
average trader. The amazing part is that she is also a singer who has been on
famous shows like America’s Got Talent. I heard one of her songs, and it was
good. Maybe, she should consider becoming a full-time singer.

You should
get this one even if you have been trading for several years. With the free
offer, it is a lot easier to recommend it. Even if there were no free offer, I
would have still recommended it because of the value that it provides. Just
make sure that you clarify your concepts before you place your trades to
minimize your risk. Good luck.