Pure Financial Academy – Review on their Trading Program and Education

Quality: 4.3

Customer Satisfaction: 4.5

Price: 4.5

Education Detail: 5

Final Rating: 4.5

Recommended: Yes

What is Pure Financial Academy?

Pure Financial Academy provides online trading education through their training and provides answers to your questions through a forum. They also offer software that will supposedly make it easy to make profitable trades by assisting you in analyzing market trends.

The person behind this education community is Will Busby. They have been around since the year 2010, which certainly increases their reliability in my eyes.

Honestly, there are a lot of courses and communities that claim to be the best place to learn to trade, but most of them end up disappointing the buyers. In this review, we will see if Pure Financial Academy is worth your time or not.

What do You Get Inside Pure Financial Academy?

Training: Their training aims to teach you how to trade stocks, futures, and forex online. They have divided their training program into three steps, which are the Foundation Course, the Advanced Course, and live training + software. The Foundation course is all about the basics and the logic behind Supply and Demand trading.

The Advanced Course focuses on teaching more advanced methods that are used by people who are experts in this field.

Finally, live training + software is where it gets fascinating. In the live training, you will get to see the analysis of financial markets live and ask questions. This is a very important part of this course because it will help you clear any doubts that you have and learn through their complete analysis.

Obviously, you will get their software to help with your analysis of the financial markets.

Forum: They have a simple forum for getting answers to your questions. It is quite active with at least one reply to the questions that have been asked. Some questions have several replies, which shows that the people of the community are very helpful. Will also participates in the forum, and I am sure that his insights would be really helpful.

PFA Software: The software comes with a lot of advanced features like dynamic value grid, trend identification, and custom user interface. The software will make it possible to reduce the risk and trade with confidence. You will need to develop a level of understanding before you can use the software properly, but they have the training to help you with that.

How Much Does Pure Financial Academy Cost?

They have three different membership options depending on your requirements. Let us take a look at them.

Software ($1,497/lifetime): You will get the software, forum access, and community support if you choose this one. This is for those people who are not looking for much training but just want to use the software to analyze trends.

Yearly ($1,999/year): This membership contains what is provided in the membership mentioned above. In addition to that, it also contains the Supply and Demand Trading Course, live education room, daily session recordings, advanced trading curriculum, and more. This membership is suitable for those people who want to try the software as well as the training without buying them for a lifetime.

Lifetime ($4,999/lifetime): This membership contains everything that they have to offer. In addition to what is included in the earlier memberships, it provides boot camp training archive, interactive trading journal, and bonus training events access. Obviously, this one is for those people who want to experience everything that they offer without worrying about paying a yearly fee.

What do People Think About Pure Financial Academy?

They have received great feedback from people that have bought their membership. I checked several websites, including Google reviews and they had five-star feedback in all of them. This is not something that usually happens, and it is hard to believe that they have managed to satisfy so many people.

People not only like their training or the software, but they are amazed by how quick their support responds to their questions. It is my humble opinion that any course on trading without support can’t be good for newbies.

They have consistently managed to get five-star reviews for several years. In fact, I haven’t found a negative review yet.

Who Should Buy Pure Financial Academy?

First of all, membership is not cheap, so you need to have the required money. Lifetime membership is the best value for money, but it costs around $5,000. If you have the money and the required dedication to learn everything, then you should definitely consider buying their membership.

It is not a magic course that will transform you into an expert trader in a week, so you need to be patient and work for months to get there.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Pure Financial Academy?

If you don’t have the money, then you can postpone the purchase. People who are not willing to be patient and work hard to get results shouldn’t buy their membership. This is not some automated system that will get you results with a click of your mouse, so you need to understand that.

You also need a certain amount of time to learn the training, so people who are very busy shouldn’t buy their membership.


  • Amazing Support: Their support is not going to disappoint you at all.
  • Solid Training: The reviews clearly show that the training works.
  • Great Reviews: It is rare to see an education community get so many great reviews across multiple websites.


  • A Bit Expensive: I don’t think that the prices of the memberships are unfair when compared to similar courses, but they are not low, to be honest.


Pure Financial Academy stands out among other courses and communities that try to teach you how to become a successful trader. I definitely think that you should buy their membership. Even people who are new to trading have no complaints about this education community, which shows that it is suitable for people of all experience levels.

You will not feel rushed and be allowed to go through the training at your own pace. The live sessions will help you clarify your concepts and become a better trader. If you stay at it long enough, then you might be able to make consistent profits and get back the money that you invested soon. It is not easy, but it is worth it. Good luck.