Steve Nison – The Father of Candlesticks Review

Who is Steve Nison?

Steve Nison, as I mentioned in the title, is known as the father of candlestick charting. He brought this concept to the western world and used it to help people in understanding the emotions of investors and trade accordingly. Steve offered his expertise to big firms when he began. His clients included Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, The Bank of New York, and J.P. Morgan. As you can see, he was not an ordinary trader based on his clients.

Now, Steve is spreading information about candle charts that are arguably better than bar charts. He has combined the candle charts with western indicators to take it to the next level. He is the owner and CEO of, where he teaches people about candle charts.


Reliable Coach: As the person who introduced candlestick charting, Steve is the most reliable person on this topic.

Plenty of Training: I am quite impressed by the vast range of training that he offers on his website by applying candle charts to different markets.

Free Training: It is always good to have some free training to see if you should buy the paid training or not.

Good Book Reviews: Most of the reviews from people that have read Steve’s books are positive.


Support: The support is provided through email, which is not the best way to get support, in my opinion.

What does Steve offer on his website

Free Training: In the free training, you get some basic training, interactive quizzes, chart challenges, market updates, private webcasts and much more. You just need to enter your email address and your name and then fill a form with your basic information to get access to the free training. You can’t expect much from the free training, but you need to consider the fact that you are getting it for free.

The Candlestick Course Book: This book covers the landmark techniques used by Steve. This book will allow you to perfect your charting abilities. You will get specific learning objectives in each chapter, key terms, clear instructions and real-world applications of the concepts. This book alone can’t be a complete source of information for candle charting, but it will introduce you to the concept.

Candles for Options: This is a training program for those people who want to learn how to use candlestick charts to trade options. The training program is for newbies mainly, but experienced people can use it to brush up their concepts. Steve even promises to share some secret trading tactics that he has taught a lot of successful people. You get to choose from three different volumes when you decide to buy the training.

Frontline Forex: This training program is a combination of candlesticks with forex to allow you to gain an edge over other traders. You will not only discover strategies that can be used to trade forex, but you will also get to see these strategies in action during a live trading session. There are three volumes that you can buy based on your experience level.

Candle Charting Essentials and Beyond: This is a general course about candle charting that will teach you how to trade using candle charts in any market. Some of the topics that are covered in the training are secrets of single candle lines, using double candle lines correctly, candles and trendlines, using the disparity index, candles in context and how to trade the news.

There are 4 volumes of this training. You can choose to buy all four volumes, or you can buy volume 1 or volume 1 and 2.

Steve offers more on his website like The Active Investor Blueprint and software tools. You can also find his books on websites like Amazon.

How much do Steve Nison’s training and books cost?

Here is everything that Steve offers on his website and how much it costs.

The Candlestick Course Book: $47.95

Candles for Options: $219 for volume 1, $439 for volume 1 and 2 and $769 for volume 1-3

Frontline Forex: $219 for volume 1, $439 for volume 1 and 2 and $769 for volume 1-3

Candle Charting Essentials and Beyond: $219 for volume 1, $439 for volume 1 and 2 and $989 for volume 1 -4

The Active Investor Blueprint: $249

Candlestick Software: $249 per month and $1,695 for lifetime access to the NCS (Nison Candle Scanner) for Ninja Trader, $1,695 for lifetime access to the NCS for Trade Navigator, $249 per month and $1,695 for lifetime access to the NCS for Trade Station and $1,495 for lifetime access to the NCS for Agena Trader Membership: $149 per month, $497 for 6 months and $897 per year

What do the customers think about Steve’s training and books?

Most of the customers are amazed by the training that Steve offers. It doesn’t matter if it is his training or his books; people seem to love what Steve offers. Even those who have given a lower rating to the books have something nice to say about them. It is rare to find a completely negative review. In short, Steve has managed to satisfy a lot of people with his training and books.

Who should buy Steve’s training and books?

People who are genuinely interested in learning about candle charts should buy his stuff. Steve is the best source of information about candlestick charting, so you can trust him.

Who shouldn’t buy Steve’s training and books?

If you are not comfortable with learning a new method, you can avoid his training and books. Some people don’t believe that candlestick charting works. So, if you lack faith in this method, then you can go for other methods.

Final Thoughts

Steve is, without a doubt, one of those people who brought a great change in trading. He enabled people to trade better through his new method. I recommend that you give his books or his training a try and see the results.