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Who is Toni Turner, and what does she do?

According to her website, she is a technical analyst, educator, and speaker in the financial arena. She has authored multiple books and offers several trading products to help people of different experience levels in trading. She also offers something called ‘Toni’s Market Club,’ which allows you to participate in weekly trading sessions with her and learn from her vast experience in trading.

Toni has been teaching people about trading for about 18 years. During this time, she has published several books and training products that have done well. Some of her books went on to become best-sellers and help a lot of people in trading better.

Toni is the President of TrendStar Trading Group, Inc. This is the company that she uses to teach people about trading and investing successfully. This company has been around since the year 2001, so it is one of the older companies in this niche.


Beginner-Friendly: A lot of her training and books are beginner-friendly. So, you can benefit from her products even when you have no idea about trading. Her teaching style is also easy to understand.

Best-Sellers: As I mentioned before, some of her books are best-sellers.

Honesty: Toni is very open about the risk that is involved in trading, and she doesn’t make outrageous claims to sell her products.

Experience: Unlike a lot of new trading gurus, Toni has years of experience, and experience matters a lot when it comes to trading.


Lack of Support: Not all of her products provide you support, which is very important for traders who are just getting started.

What does Toni Turner offer on her website?

There is no way to explain everything that she offers in detail because she offers a lot. However, I will try to cover the interesting training products and books below.

How to Swing Trade Successfully: This is a three-part program designed to make you a good swing trader. The first module is going to introduce you to swing trading and teach you about using the cycles to your advantage. The second module will cover the Sleeping Tiger Setup and how to trade it successfully. You will also learn about managing your money to avoid losses.

Finally, the third module will cover when to buy, sell or hold, where to find the stocks that are worth trading and the mindset necessary to succeed as a trader.

Toni’s Market Club: You will get access to a lot in Toni’s Market Club. Toni will help you in understanding the market by analyzing what is going on in each weekly session. She will explain which sectors and industry groups might do well in the near future and which ones are expected to go down.

Some mini-trading lessons are also taught based on the current market situation. As expected, she will show you the stocks and ETFs that should earn you profits. You will get an opportunity to get answers to any questions that you have.

You can get the recording if you can’t attend the live session. However, I would highly recommend participating in the live session for the best results. There are several bonuses and support included in Toni’s Market Club.

A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online: This book covers the basics of day trading and how to earn money from day trading. A lot of people like this book because of the beginner-friendly content. Some people go as far as calling this the best day trading book that they have read. However, it is not geared towards experienced traders, and they should avoid it.

How much do Toni Turner’s products cost?

Here is a list of her products and how much they cost.

Training Products

  • How to Swing Trade Successfully: $287
  • Toni’s Market Club: $117 per month
  • Seven Steps to Successful Trading: $397
  • Trade the Trend to Profits: $249
  • How to Read Charts: $97
  • How to Profit Using Support and Resistance: $139
  • Three Winning Set-Ups: $97
  • Volume Signals Can Make You Money: $97
  • How to Bottom Fish Like A Pro: $299
  • Trade Like A Master: $397
  • The Profitable Trading Attitude: $259
  • Trade the Right Stocks: $189


  • Invest to Win with the GainsMaster Approach: $18.47 on Amazon
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online: $14.72 on Amazon
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Short-Term Trading: $14.48 on Amazon
  • Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market: $18.84 on Amazon

What do the customers think about Toni Turner’s products?

The majority of the customers love her products. You can check the book reviews on Amazon and see for yourself. She has certainly managed to impress her buyers with her entertaining writing/teaching style and the ability to explain complex topics easily.

Who should buy Toni Turner’s products?

In general, her products are great for those who want to learn the basics and get into trading. She doesn’t promise high profits or instant success, but she shows you methods that work and can help you in becoming a profitable trader. If you want to get into trading and have no idea where to start, then her products will give you a great starting point.

Who shouldn’t buy Toni Turner’s products?

If you are a very experienced trader, then you will not learn much through her products. For example, you might already know about swing trading, so there is no use in learning about swing trading from her. Unless you find something new in her training, there is no reason to buy. However, I doubt that you won’t find anything new in her products.

Final Thoughts

Toni Turner has managed to achieve so much because she is honest and a great marketer. I can’t say the same for a lot of people that sell training about trading. You should try her products. I admit that you might not get filthy rich by following her training, but it is a great place to start. Once your foundation is strong, you can think about improving further.

I hope you enjoyed this Toni Turner review, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment’s section.