Trade Out Loud with Anka Metcalf Review

Quality: 4

Customer Satisfaction: 4.5

Price: 4

Education Detail: 5

Final Rating: 4

Recommended: Yes

What is Trade Out Loud?

Trade Out Loud is a company that educates people about day and swing trading. Their website will provide you training for trading stocks, futures and ETFs. They have developed a system that can allow people to shorten the learning curve and trade with confidence.

This company was founded in the year 2011.

The aim of their trading education programs is to turn new traders into experienced and successful traders. They not only offer trading education, but they also offer a live trading room as well as coaching and mentoring.

Who is the Founder of Trade Out Loud?

Anka C. Metcalf is the Founder of this company. She claims that she has been day trading and investing since the year 2003. She also boasts of several certifications from financial institutions through Europe and U.S. and more than a decade of experience in investment banking.


  • Variety of Options: The training is available about trading stocks, ETFs or futures, so you can choose what you want to trade and buy the training accordingly.
  • Live Trading Room: The live trading room will surely help people in understanding trading strategies on a deeper level.
  • Good Support: I like the fact that all of the training programs offer the ability to ask questions, which will help you in clarifying all of your doubts.
  • Great Coach: Anka is not only experienced when it comes to trading but she is also great at teaching.


  • There are no cons in my opinion.

What do you get inside Trade Out Loud?

Let us take a look at everything that they offer one by one.

Education: You will be taught strategies and methods that should help you trade well in any market or market condition. They offer two different trading courses based on what you want to trade.

Power Income Day Trading Futures: This is a course that will teach you about trading futures such as equity index futures, energy futures, metal futures, commodity futures, and forex futures. Even if you don’t have any experience, you can take this course because it is designed for people with no experience.

In this course, you will get a live class with over 10 hours of teaching, a course book with more than 400 pages, 10 trading strategies for any market environment, ability to ask questions, on-demand recording and more.

This course will not confuse you because they will show you everything that you need to do.

Swing Trading and Investing Course: This course is for those who want to learn how to swing trade or invest in the stock market. This course also offers a lot like the earlier one. You get the ability to ask questions, a course book that is more than 400 pages long, strategies, on-demand recordings, risk chart with custom risk values and scaling out suggestions and more.

They do cover how to create an income from the stock market, but they focus a lot on swing trading. They believe that swing trading is the sweet spot that you should go for. They claim that their strategies are not only easy to follow, but they will change your life for the better.

Note: They also have a course about swing trading futures.

Live Trading Room: The live trading room focuses on day trading futures and swing trading futures and stocks. They will teach you a trading strategy that is based on technical analysis and clear entry and stop levels as well as calculated target areas. You will get to see them trade live and see how it goes.

I like the fact that they focus on quality instead of quantity and decide the number of trades based on the market conditions. You will also get real-time portfolio performance access, risk calculator for stocks, risk chart for futures, day trading and swing trading guidelines and much more.

Coaching Program: This program is for those who want some personal attention and answer to their questions from Anka. They accept anyone into this program regardless of their experience level. The aim of this program is to turn people into consistently profitable traders. You will get one hour of coaching per coaching session.

How much does Trade Out Loud cost?

They don’t disclose the price of the training programs on the website. You will need to contact them to find out the price. The live trading room will cost you $299 per month and $2,990 per year. The price of the personal coaching depends on the number of sessions. Here are the prices of the personal coaching.

Single session: $400

4 sessions: $1,400

6 sessions: $2,000

10 sessions: $3,500

What do the customers think about Trade Out Loud?

This educational platform has a perfect score on Trustpilot as all of the reviews have given 5 stars feedback. People are more impressed by the live trading room than anything else. Anka has been praised a lot for being an excellent coach and caring about the success of other people. In short, people are really impressed by this platform.

Who should buy Trade Out Loud?

People who are willing to take some risks and work hard should definitely try this one. The training is diverse and can teach you about trading what you prefer to trade. The course material is lengthy, but you can go through all of it if you be a little patient.

The website is not about spoon-feeding you trades that can make you profits, so you need to learn from them and make trades on your own. If you can do that, then their training is suitable for you.

Who should avoid Trade Out Loud?

They clearly mention on the website that you can lose money while trading. If you are not willing to risk your money, then their training is not for you. At the end of the day, you have to bear all of the risks if you want to enjoy the profits that come with trading.

Final thoughts

Trade Out Loud is one of the few platforms that not only teach about trading but also cover various approaches and strategies in an easy to understand manner. It would not be wise to give this one a pass. I don’t need to commend Anka here as the reviews speak for themselves. The final decision is yours. Good luck.

I hope you enjoyed this Trade Out Loud review.